According to surveys on blogs, International Websites, magazines on line dedicated to tourism and travels, it seems that, according to studies made by the most important experts of this field, the Abruzzo is one of the best places in the world where to live or go for a holiday or even where to retire.

According to the following links, the Abruzzo is above all appreciated thanks to its pleasant territory, its favorable position, between the sea and the mountain, close to Rome, the Capital City of Italy.

Furthermore, the quality of life is not so expensive but really healty. A little pollution, a lot of nature, the tastes of a traditional cooking appreciated all over the world: these are the strong points of our Region, defined one of the "secret treasures of Italy".



  • “Lovely hotel off the American tourist route” - This "wellness hotel" - meaning it includes a spa -- is situated in a small town in the hills above the Adriatic Sea in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is a lovely place to stay. The rooms are airy and though décor is spare...

    New Haven, Connecticut
  • “Good food, friendly staff, feels like coming home” - The hotel is situated a few miles from the East coast of Italy. If you have a room with a terrace you will enjoy an amazing view, between the rolling hills you can spot the Adriatic Sea, the pool shares the same view...

    Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
  • “Great hotel with fantastic views” - This hotel i would definitely recommend if you are looking to get away from the cities and experience the true countryside of italy. It is close to a big shopping mall and to the beach where you get plenty of good seafood restaurants...

    Derby, United Kingdom
  • “Relaxing Spa - Great Hosts” - Fantastic value for a relaxing, romantic couple of nights. My wife and I went there to relax and enjoy the spa, and all of our expectations were met. The staff is attentive and friendly, and also speak excellent English...

    Arsita, Italy