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Treating yourself  with a massage is the most effective way to invigorate body and mind.

The benefits of hydrotherapy offer relaxation, pleasure and well-being.

The tub prevents  asthetics and physics problems, thanks to its massaging pressure compresses and decompresses tissues promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of liquids.

The jet action of specific parts of the body tightens, reduces tension and fatigue, combats rheumatism, arthritis, gout, respiratory fatigue and insomnia. The skin tones, smooths.

The tub is a real source of comfort especially for the mind. The massage generates the release of endorphins, and consequently a feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

bagno turco

The "Calidarium" maintains a warm temperature of approx. 45 ° C with approx. 100% humidity and admits to an aroma steam inhalations. Your skin becomes smooth and simultaneously it produces a detoxifying effect to the whole body.

docce emozionali

Refreshing, relaxing and aromatherapy treatment. Rain in the mountains, tropical rain, hot and cold downpour.

vasca kneipp

A path alternating hot and cold water to stimulate circulation and venous pressure.

vasca kneipp

Traditional Finnish sauna at 90 ° C and a humidity of 7%. The body in this way is heated and is then slowly cooled with a cold shower. In this way the circulation is stimulated, this factor involves re-strengthening of the immune system.

vasca kneipp

Living in an environment increasingly polluted more and more we need to breathe clean air and to enjoy moments of relaxation. The halotherapy is a therapy based on the benefits of inhalation of pure rock salt. It is a known natural remedy for centuries for the beneficial effects on diseases of the respiratory system. In the Sale Room creates a marine microclimate. The light, colors, and music create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. A treatment in the Salt room promotes the psycho-physical recovery, reduces stress, detoxifies the body from accumulated stress, increases energy and vitality of body and mind. Because of its enormous wealth of sodium chloride which is an anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory, clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effects of the salt cave: mucolytics, antibatteriologici, anti-inflammatory. Ideal treatment for the care of children, in the treatment of sinusitis, bronchiolitis, allergies, dermatitis, bronchitis.

vasca kneipp

Shiatsu is a manual practice that is carried out with the finger pressure. It is rooted in the ancient form of oriental massage. It is widening spread and can be received by all. The pressures that run along the body's energy channels, called meridians, allow to balance the emotional, psychological and physical, by the method Masunaga. We also offer customized advice phytotherapy. To get a treatment is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, gym clothes made of cotton or natural fiber and socks.

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You can access the wellness programs and treatments in our Spa although it stays at Villa Susanna.

Note: You can access all facilities Spa & Beauty although not stay at Villa Susanna.



  • “Lovely hotel off the American tourist route” - This "wellness hotel" - meaning it includes a spa -- is situated in a small town in the hills above the Adriatic Sea in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is a lovely place to stay. The rooms are airy and though décor is spare...

    New Haven, Connecticut
  • “Good food, friendly staff, feels like coming home” - The hotel is situated a few miles from the East coast of Italy. If you have a room with a terrace you will enjoy an amazing view, between the rolling hills you can spot the Adriatic Sea, the pool shares the same view...

    Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
  • “Great hotel with fantastic views” - This hotel i would definitely recommend if you are looking to get away from the cities and experience the true countryside of italy. It is close to a big shopping mall and to the beach where you get plenty of good seafood restaurants...

    Derby, United Kingdom
  • “Relaxing Spa - Great Hosts” - Fantastic value for a relaxing, romantic couple of nights. My wife and I went there to relax and enjoy the spa, and all of our expectations were met. The staff is attentive and friendly, and also speak excellent English...

    Arsita, Italy